Slate Creek Dulcimers

Virginia Hogfiddles, and Folk Instruments

Welcome to Slate Creek Dulcimers!
I began building dulcimers in 2006. I tinkered with several styles of dulcimers over the years. In 2012 I decided to focus on dulcimers specifically designed for the old time noter/drone and fingerdance/drone players.
I'm not one of the die-hard traditionalists that believes everyone should play noter/drone. But the noter/drone style of play, and the old timey style dulcimers are quickly being replaced by the contemporary versions. I think the old timey style of play, and the old timey style dulcimers need to be preserved due to them being an important part of dulcimer history.
So on this site, you'll not only notice the promotion of my dulcimers, but of other builders of old timey dulcimers, and you'll notice the promotion of the old timey styles of playing the dulcimer.

We hope you enjoy the site.
Thanks for visiting!